October 7, 2021
Inauguration of “Clean Hands Against COVID-19”

In the company of educational personnel, parents, representatives of implementing partner Isla Urbana, and students from a Kindergarten in the Xochimilco Mayor's office, the inauguration took place of the first phase of our hand-washing programme “Clean Hands against COVID-19.”

Among the activities were songs and games teaching the importance of washing our hands as well as a demonstration of the easy use of the hand-washing stations. The school directors and parents shared their appreciation.

“… It represents that children are also enthusiastic about washing their hands, that in physical education class they have the facility for children to wash their hands that we so involve this part of healthy life for them and their families, so thank you very much for the collaboration and thanks for the project for this campus."

—Adriana, School Site Supervisor

Clean Hands are Free Hands
October 15, 2021